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The perfect mood board for your dorm or apartment!!!

Emily Roach & Janie Pullen (PC'19) have designed the perfect decoration for any place that you're living! And you can make it with stuff around the house!!!

Emily's Girly Mood Board...Making this mood board was definitely one of the more fun/entertaining things I’ve done during quarantine!!!

-To start the process, I went and found some of my favorite quotes on Pinterest, found some pictures of mountains and flowers and all those good things, and then picked out some of my favorite pictures with friends!

-I copied and pasted them all into a google doc then sized them so they were all different and printed them right onto normal printer paper.

-I used about 30 quotes, 30 pictures with friends, 20 outdoors pictures, and 9 half a page large quotes to use as the background.

-I laid those 9 down, added the nature pictures next on top of those, and then started filling in the gaps with my quotes and pictures with friends!

-I tried to make sure that no faces or words were covered up when layering them and just had fun figuring out which pictures looked best together and where!

-Once I had them all layered together, I used mod podge (you can use any type of glue or even tape!) and a little paintbrush and painted the corners of each picture to the pages and pictures behind them until everything was stuck together! It took no time at all and then it was done!

"This was the sweetest project for me because it allowed me to put so many things I love together- from my friends, to the places and views that I love, to quotes that encourage me, and verses that define my faith! Now I get to have all of those together in one cute, easy project to hang on my wall and look at together every day!"

-Emily Roach, PC'19, GA

Janie's Edgy Mood Board


-Canvas / Poster Board / Paper

-Printed Images of Your Choice


-Tape / Glue / Mod Podge

-Optional : Resin, Glitter, Glossy Sealant


-The easiest way to create a mood board or collage is to start by picking an overall theme , aesthetic, or color scheme.

- After you do that, you can go to Pinterest, Tumblr, or stock photo sites to find images or quotes that fit your theme. (It helps to save a lot more photos than you need, so you have options later down the road.)

- If you want to, you can also add things like paint samples, handwritten notes, or glitter to your board.

-Next, after you plan out a rough idea of where the images will go, start cutting and adding to your canvas. -It’s good to play around with the layout for a few minutes to make sure you’re happy with how it looks.

-After you’re 100% satisfied with the layout, start gluing/taping/mod-podging it to your canvas. (I recommend stick gluing first, then modge podge at the end once you are completely finished moving things around.)

-After you secure your images down you should be all done! If you want to, you can add resin and glitter or a glossy spray coat over it at the end to give it a shiny finish!


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