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Recommending a Potential New Member:

All recommendations for membership for Psi Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta for Fall 2024 should be submitted online using the Recruitment Information Form (RIF), which can be found here:


This form is comprehensive, with space to upload resumes, photos and transcripts, as well as other important information about the Potential New Member. Once you’ve completed the form and pressed the final “Submit” button, the RIF will be sent directly to Psi Chapter via email. RIFs can be submitted by both members and non-members of Alpha Gamma Delta, and while they do not guarantee membership into Alpha Gamma Delta, they provide our chapters with valuable information that’s used to enhance the experience of both our chapter sisters and PNMs!


PNM Introduction Forms:

We want to get to know you! We are so excited for a chance to meet you and would love for you to Introduce Yourself to Alpha Gam! Your introduction will be sent to the college campus (or campuses) of choice and will allow our members to get to know you and keep an eye out for you during the Primary Recruitment process. We look forward to learning more about how you Impact the World! Introduce Yourself to Alpha Gam here: (!

For chapter specific recruitment questions, please contact:

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