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Farewell Tutwiler Hall: Psi Chapter Says Goodbye to a Century of Memories

It’s impossible to write adequate words to properly describe the role Tutwiler Hall played in my life, but I will simply start by saying thank you.

Thank you to the walls that welcomed a timid (and terrified) Freshman from a small, rural Alabama town to campus for what would become four of the most instrumental years of my life. You welcomed me in, built me up and sent me out into the world a more confident and compassionate version of myself. We learned more under your roof than we ever could’ve imagined.

A group of PC'22 members pose in front of Julia Tutwiler Hall.
PC '22 was the last pledge class to live in the original Julia Tutwiler Hall.

Thank you to the walls that created instant friendships with hall mates, floor mates and suite mates alike. You placed us together perfectly, and friendships were easily formed in the proximity of your walls. We learned to zig and zag down hallways, across bathrooms and up and down stairwells to access our new and often forever best friends quickly.

Thank you to the walls that transformed the word communal into community. Whether it be closets, secrets, refrigerators or simple cups of coffee, a lot was shared within your walls. Tutwiler saw no Greek letters or sorority colors— we were simply Tutwiler girls. As a result, we learned the importance of true community, which has carried over into our adult lives.

Thank you to the walls that held Julia’s market. You taught us how to shop, cook and are even the culprit of many current-day cookie dough obsessions after difficult days. We learned to make the most of dining dollars and make the most out of a quick Julia’s run with friends.

Thank you to the walls that served as home to our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and so many more. The tradition of being a Tutwiler girl goes far beyond generations, and there will forever be a sense of pride surrounding the great women that also called your walls home.

Thank you to the walls that hold so many triumphs, tragedies, tears and tales. If walls could tell stories, I’m almost certain we would never be able to find a book big enough to hold them all. So, I will simply say thank you for the memories, Tut. You have loved and served your girls well ❤️

Courtesy of: Casey Rogers, PC '09


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