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The best Ttown coffee houses!!!

Madison Darden, Tuscaloosa local, gives us some insight on her favorite Ttown coffee shops!!!

#1 Heritage house (Towncenter): heritage house is my favorite all around ttown coffee shop!! HH is my go to study place and favorite hangout spot!! My friends and I all track each other on find my friends and I can be found there 99% of the time!!

Favorite drink: iced Princess of Genovia!!! It’s on the secret menu!!

Favorite food: BAKED OATMEALLLL w/ strawberries and bananas

#2 Turbo: I personally think they have the best coffee in ttown! My favorite thing about turbo is being able to walk from my house with a few friends and grab a coffee to go!! I think downtown / historic district Tuscaloosa is so pretty so I love walking through the neighborhoods!!

Go to drink: Iced oat milk honey latte

Food: açaí bowl

#3 monarch: 10/10 hangout spot!!!! But also a good study spot!! I tend to go to monarch when I’m not studying and just hanging out with friends!

Coffee: iced Cuban latte!

#4 U Perk: U Perk is one of the only coffee shops that I know of that is open on sunday afternoons so it is my go to Sunday afternoon spot!! You can usually find me at U Perk cramming for my Monday morning exams !! They have a super fun environment with board games and couches but is also a great study spot!! Their avocado toast is the best in ttown!! They make homemade gluten free bread which is 10/10!!

Coffee: almond milk latte

Food: avocado toast!!! SO good!!!

A little hidden Tuscaloosa gem is Nehemiahs!! It’s located in the Forrest lake neighborhood! Not as many people know about this one making it a good study spot! It is also run by a local church!! I love black coffee so I usually just stick to the basics here!!


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