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Razy's Netflix Favorites!!!

"If you’re anything like me, you’ve run through plenty of shows by now and are looking for something new to fill your time, so I’ve listed a few of my personal favorites below!"

-Razy Azam, VP Finance, PC'17


1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine [Hulu]: a hilarious and lovable combination of NY detectives – my all-time favorite! (how could you not love Andy Samberg?!)

2. The Good Place [Netflix]: Kristen Bell plays Eleanor Shellstrop as she navigates the afterlife (aka The Good Place). Such a sweet and funny show!

3. Arrested Development [Netflix]: the kind of show your dad would recommend, at least mine did? The Bluths are a dysfunctional family to say the least, but so entertaining to watch!

4. The Mindy Project [Hulu]: Mindy Kaling plays a doctor and tries to navigate her love life. You won’t regret watching!

5. That 70s Show [Netflix]: teens in the 70s; a good go-to show and super easy to watch!

6. How I Met Your Mother [Hulu]: a group of friends in New York – I know it sounds like a Friends ripoff but it’s good in its own way!


1. The 100 [Netflix]: A group of young “criminals” are dropped to Earth to see if it’s still inhabitable and chaos ensues. SO GOOD!!!

2. Parenthood [Netflix]: A feel-good family show. So sweet and relatable!

3. The O.C. [Hulu]: If you like a good teen high school drama, you’ll love this! You may have to look past some odd editing choices (and skip season 4 all together, trust me) but this is a good one!

4. Vampire Diaries [Netflix]: High school drama, vampires, and a love triangle – everything you could ask for!

5. Jane the Virgin [Netflix]: This one is probably more of a comedy than a drama, but it’s set up like a Spanish telenovela so I think it counts. It’ll leave you wanting to watch just one more episode, every time!

6. Stranger Things [Netflix]: A pretty popular one, but if you haven’t watched this group of kids battle monsters yet, now is the perfect time to catch up before Season 4 is released!!!

Reality/Trash T.V.

1. The Circle [Netflix]: This one is all about your social media image. Everyone is isolated and can portray anyone they want while building relationships and trying not to get blocked. Kinda cheesy but "Shooby" makes it worth the watch!

2. Love Island [Hulu]: A Bachelor In Paradise type reality show that makes people couple up every week or get voted off the island. Lots of countries and seasons to choose from! I’m currently on U.K. Season 5!

3. Paradise Hotel [Hulu/Fox]: A similar vibe as Love Island but the couple that makes it to the end gets a cash prize. You may kind of hate all of the contestants, but they’re interesting enough to keep you watching!

4. Cutthroat Kitchen [Hulu]: An honorable mention for my favorite Food Network competition show. The chefs get to sabotage each other the whole time while still trying to cook!

Hope this helps you find something new to binge-watch!!!!


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