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Studying Tips & Tricks with Psi!!

With finals week quickly approaching, the AGD Academic Team understands the importance of being prepared without being stressed out. Included below are some different study strategies for every type of learner, whether you learn best visually, auditorily, or hands-on. Study hard, have fun, but most importantly, remember that you’ve got this!

Good luck!

The AGD Academic Team

Study Tips For Everyone

1) Start studying well in advance of the test

2) Inform your roommates of when your tests are to avoid distractions

3) Create a study schedule and stick with it

4) Make sure you know when your tests are, and if they are comprehensive or not

5) SELF CARE! SELF CARE! SELF CARE! Take a bath, light a candle, treat yourself!

6) Teach someone else the material or teach it to yourself out loud

7) Get enough sleep

- Tips for Visual Learners -

1) Use visual association, visual imagery, written repetition, flash cards,

and cluster strategies for improved memory

2) Use organization format outlining for notes

· Underlining

· Colored highlighting

· Symbols

· Flow Charts

· Graphs

· Pictures

3) Reconstruct images in different ways – try spatial arrangements

and take advantage of blank spaces on pages

- Tips for Kinesthetic (Hands-On) Learners -

1) Study with other people

2) Do something active while studying

· Stand

· Bounce a ball

· Tap your pencil

· Chew gum

3) Take regular breaks – go take a walk, get up to get a snack, talk to a friend

- Tips for Auditory Learners -

1) Work in a quiet space to reduce distractions - avoid areas with

conversation, music, and TV

2) Read notes aloud

3) Use auditory techniques to improve memory

· Mnemonics

· Rhymes

· Jingles

4) Auditory repetition through tape recordings


Don’t be afraid to reach out to professors,

classmates, or friends for help!

xoxo, Academics


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