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Homemade ceramic summer earrings!!!

Raegan Hall, PC'19, is using her art skills to show us how to make the cutest homemade earrings!

"Super easy, super cheap and super cute diy earrings. I got everything I needed from walmart for maybe 30 dollars and made a bunch and still have tons of clay!"


-sculpley air dry clay

-X-acto knife or small knife

-roller ( I used a wine bottle )

-craft paints

-varnish ( i used a wood varnish )

-earring rings

-earring hooks

-earring posts

-super glue/ jewelry glue



1. draw out designs for your earrings - look up “ceramic earrings” on pinterest for ideas! i also made paper stencils to help me cut out my shapes accurately.

2. cut out a section of clay and use the roller to flatten it out. you want to make the clay very thin ( around 1/8 inch )

3. cut out the shapes of you earring using an X-Acto knife or small knife. MAKE SURE to add small holes for your earring rings and hooks if needed ( i used the head of a bobby pin ).

4. let the clay completely dry ( takes a few hours )

5. paint your design onto the dry clay.

6. once paint dries, apply varnish. and let dry completely ( have the wet varnished earrings on a disposable plate or pan bc the varnish is not removable )

7. add the earring rings and hooks where needed and glue on the earring posts where needed! let the glue dry.

8. be pretty in your homemade ceramic earrings! :)


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