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Get marathon ready with VP Sisterhood, Willa Green!

26.2!!! My most favorite number and one of the biggest parts of who I am! When starting college so many things began to change, my faith and my love for running always remained. Running not only is great for physical health, but mental health as well. Running allows you to let go and take a break from responsibilities and all the tasks you have at hand.

Above is a half marathon training plan (found on Pinterest, of course). I don’t tend to use training plans but rather, listen to my body and ensure I run at least 10 miles the week before my race! I always use Saturdays for long runs and rest on Sunday but you are welcome to change the plan to fit your schedule. Once you have become a half marathoner, the next step is training to become a MARATHONER! Challenge yourself to run 15 miles on Saturday (only 1.9 more miles than a half marathon), gradually bump up your milage every other week. I like to run at least 20 miles two weeks before a marathon to allow yourself time to rest before race day!

10 Running Tips

1.Start small!

2.Eat a banana before your run!

3.Run earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon when it’s cooler outside!

4.Find a running buddy to hold you accountable!

5.Find a bumpin playlist to motivate you, like uaalphagam's workout playlist!!! (I personally like no music, it’s easier for me to think!)

6.Switch the scenery! Find a new cool place to run. Sokol Park Trails are one of my Tuscaloosa favorites!

7.Hydration is key, don’t forget your water!

8.Always remember it’s about the long run and ensuring you are able to run the distance, the timing will come later!

9.Always have an end goal in mind, this could be a location or a certain milage for the day!

10.Put one foot in front of the other and don’t stop!

Running a marathon or half marathon may seem like a daunting task or even impossible but step by step, you can do it! Mind over matter! Your body can take you farther than you ever imagined. It’s simple, just don’t stop running!


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