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Full-Body Workout with Katie Green!

Our president, Katie Green, has made an at-home workout that is sure to get you sweating! Feel free to modify length of workout and impact level to fit YOUR body! Also check out our workout playlist on spotify before you get started (@uaalphagam)!

-10 standing shoulder press with weight of your choice (if you don't have dumbbells, try finding something of equal with... maybe fill up a big water bottle!)

-Go straight from your shoulder presses into a 100 yard run (try to map this out before... track my run is a great mobile website to use)

-take a 40 sec break and repeat this circuit 4x

-Hold your dumbbell overhead and do 6 walking lunges... Switch hands and do 6 backwards lunges

-Move straight into alternating toe taps (I suggest using a car bumper or step!)

-Repeat this circuit 4x

-10 bicep curls

-Go straight into a 50 yard run

-Rest for 30 sec and repeat the circuit 4x

-End your workout with a 300 yard cool down jog!!!

WOOOOHOOO you did it!!!


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