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AGD through the ages!!!

Updated: May 11, 2020

"Growing up, I always heard my mom talk about her college days as an Alpha Gam, and I saw friendships that were still as strong as they were during her time at UA. I listened to their many stories and knew that’s what I wanted to find. My freshman year has been everything that I expected and so much more. Just like my mom found her lifelong friends, I now know that I have too. This year has been the best year full of fun surrounded by girls who encourage me to be the very best version of myself each day. My mom has always talked about how genuine and real her friends were and still are, and that became so obvious to me very quickly, and I knew that Alpha Gam was exactly where I was supposed to be. Being able to share this experience with my mom is something that I am so thankful for, and it makes my college experience even more special."

-Ellie Adams, PC'19

"Pledging Alpha Gam in August 1987 was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was from a small town and wanted to be part of a group that demanded I be academically challenged. It also brought me friendships that have lasted all these years. I’m so thankful my daughter Ellie followed her own path that happened to also be Alpha Gam. Bid day/initiation were pretty special and it’s brought back so many great memories for me. It’s been such a joy to share with Ellie because she’s so happy. She loves being an Alpha Gam and these sisters have loved and nurtured her back."

-Stacy Adams, PC'87


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